We need the following documents to start your account:

1. A filled out California Resale Certificate form.
2. Copy of your resale license
3. Application form
In order to see wholesale pricing, please fill out the wholesale application form below and send it to us. As soon as you are approved (usually within 24 hours) you can place your order online and we will pick up the rest of the required documents at your location. You also have the option to email these documents to:
If you prefer to send us documents by mail, you can mail them to:
1060 Bryant St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Re-ordering flowers & recurring Orders

Re-Ordering Flowers after you place an order, you can re-order it by going to MY ACCOUNT, choosing the order that you would like to re-order, clicking on VIEW, and ORDER AGAIN
Recurring Orders If you prefer recurring flower deliveries on a weekly or monthly basis, give us a call at 415.720.7352 for scheduling.

Payment Options

Credit cards We accept all major credit cards
Checks: We accept checks only on established accounts.
Cash: Cash payments are preferred
House Accounts House accounts with credit approval

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